Circus scene Austria

»Auf Reisen …«

After the successful guest appearances at the Winterfest 2015 with »Phantasia«, the Salzburg artists from MOTA will be showing a section of their new production »Unterwegs« this year. In colorful, emotional images, the young artists tell this lively circus story about the miraculous journey of an old suitcase and once again demonstrate their versatility and their great talent.


3 Dec. 14:30
4 Dec. 11:00
in the Circuszelt


Adults 18,–
Children (until 15 years) 10,–

Numbered Seats

Specials & Discounts

On stage: 30 childern, youths and adults from MOTA, Salzburg
Production: Overall management: Bruni & Beme Neumayer
Direction: Beme Neumayer
Costumes: Bruni & Heidi Neumayer, Helga Rauter, Daniela Wagner
Backstage: Angelika Freundlinger, Claudia Katzlberger-Haslauer
Music: Claudia Hünig, Martin Schinwald
Technical Service: Andreas Klampfer
Helpers: Parents of the Artists

Young Artists


These Austrian talents learned their craft at circus schools in Madrid, Montréal, Rotterdam and Toulouse. At the Winterfest, the seven artists who are from Salzburg, Vienna, Upper-, and Lower Austria and Styria come together for the first time in this constellation and present an exciting  cross-section of their disciplines in the “CircusSession”
– from juggling with darts to slackwire.
In the subsequent artist talk, they answer questions and provide information on how they have fulfilled the career dream »Circus«.


3 Dec. 19.00
4 Dec. 17:00
in the Circuszelt


Adults > 26,–
Children (until 15 years) > 10,–

Numbered seats

Specials & Discounts

On stage > Aurelia Eidenberger (Schlappseil), Florinda Fürst (Cyr Wheel), Stefanie Millinger (Handstand), Ralph Öllinger/Marko Hristoskov (Jonglage/Double Bass), Penelopé Scheidler (Vertikaltuch), Bernhard Zandl (Dartjonglage), Michael Zandl (Hutjonglage)
Curator > Ulf Kirschhofer