Association of friends of contemporary circus in Salzburg

The Winterfest has undergone an exciting development in recent years, it has grown into an international perceived and recognized festival of Circus. Its long years of existence has not only paved the way for other initiatives in the field of contemporary circus, it has also strongly influenced all of our interest in circus arts. Inspired by the multilateral commitment to this festival for contemporary circus, the Association of Friends of contemporary circus was founded in Salzburg.

This association does not only support the activities of the Winterfest in Salzburg. There are also other organizations, such as Youth Circus SaWaZi, the development of a professional circus school or the project of the elementary school Anthering that we want to encourage.

The long-term goal of the organization is to achieve a greater and more diverse presence of this art form in Austria, as well as to creat a vibrant circus- scene in the Salzburg area

The following work, the association will pay attention to:

• the promotion of contemporary circus in Salzburg

• the financial support of the winter festival, to become a diverse and international event in the cultural life of the city of Salzburg

• the promotion of young circus artists and circensic education initiatives in Salzburg

• we want to offer the support of arts and cultural initiatives, the events in the field of contemporary circus arts

• cooperation and collaboration with organizations and networks that pursue the same or similar goals

• the support of a professional training in circus arts in Austria


Society of friends of contemporary Circus in Salzburg

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