Our new Circusfoyer is for all people who can´t get enough of the unique circus atmosphere!
Where a lot of international companys used to perform, is the focus now on our guests. You can enjoy the time before and after the shows at our Bar with a drink and some Jazz, Funk and Soul – Free Entry!

Livemusik after the shows

  • Sa 3. Dez 21:00
    Opening Concert – HELO – MINIMAL SOUL
    D. Lageder (Vocals), Th. Aichinger (Guitar), S. Angelov (Keys, synths),
    M. Vorauer (Bass), R. Aichinger (drums)
  • Do 8. Dez 20:15
    Mozarteum Schwung Gruppe* – JAZZ
    L. Widauer (Trumpet), L. Moser (Keys), J. Böhm (Kontrabass), D. Grubinger (drums)
  • Fr 9. Dez 20:15
    Nigrita – SOUL
    Vocals, Guitar & Keyboard
  • Sa 10. Dez 20:15
    Doc Holliday – DJ · ROCK’N’ROLL
  • Do 15. Dez 20:15
    Trio Grande* – JAZZ/BLUES
    C. Kronreif (Reeds), C. Neuschmid (Guitar, Banjo), G. Haslauer (Bass, Posaune)
  • Fr 16. Dez 20:45
    Laura Zotti** – SOUL/POP/JAZZ
    L. Zotti (Vocals), L. Moser (Keys), L. Kranjc (Bass), C. Windtner (drums)
  • Sa 17. Dez 20:45
    Schinowatz Bobofkof (Cirque de la Nuit) – DJ · VINTAGEBEATS
  • Do 22. Dez 20:45
    Libertango Trio und Manfred Wambacher* – GIPSY JAZZ
    M. Wambacher (Saxophon, Klarinette), S. Gerlach (Akkordeon, Vocals), S. Linecker (Kontrabass, Vocals), M. Brandl (Guitar)
  • Do 29. Dez 20:45
    Julian Urabl Quartett* – JAZZ
    J. Urabl (Guitar), M. Legner (Vibraphon), P. Santner (Bass), M. Santner (drums)
  • Fr 30. Dez 20:45
    P. Bernsteiner (Keys), L. Pamminger (Bass), D. Binderberger (Guitar), K. Brennsteiner (drums)
  • Fr 6. Jan 21:00
  • Sa 7. Jan 20:15
    H. Treppo (Guitar, Vocals) & Band


ohnetitel – Papelucho

A doll’s play stage as in the old days, which develops a life filled with ever-new surprises, and the diary  of the eight-year-old »Papelucho« are the substance for an infectious speech- and pictorial journey through imagination adventures and hand-painted pranks … The two worlds always play a role, the one of the adults and the one of the children, and they usually collide – which brings Papelucho in a desperate need of explanation and the audience to laugh, big as well as small. Ohnetitel translates this classic of chilean children’s literature into a play for two playmates and a trick-box object theater stage.
Turbulent, humorous and philosophical … Just quite »Papelucho« …


Sa 10. Dec 16:00 – Premiere with following discussion
Sa 17. Dec 14:00 & 16:00 • Fri 23. Dez 16:00 • Wed 28. Dec 14:00 & 16:00

Duration: 65 Minuten

from 5 Years


Adults > 15,–
Children (until 15 years) > 8,–

On stage: Thomas Beck und Dorit Ehlers
Stage: Arthur Zgubic
Development and Production: ohnetitel, netzwerk für theater & kunstprojekte mit Christoph Bochdansky